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Wine has always been one of most important drinks in Croatia. For centuries, we cherish the tradition of wine production and consumption. Dalmatian climate is ideal for growing grapes. The land is poor, dry and bathed in sunlight. Vineyards have always succeeded in this area.

Vineyards dalmatia


Take a walk down the Dalmatian vineyards. See how tractors with plows go through endless rows. Great love was dedicated to each wine grape. After hard work throughout the year, the fruits are harvested in autumn when the new wine is born. The barrels are a lot of people celebrating. Wine production has always been more than just a job. It is a way of life for these people.

Wine is still consumed with domestic specialities, like grilled fish or grilled lamb. Popular wines in Dalmatia, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, pumice from red wine, and debit, marastina of white wine. Gastronomy has always been an important part of our offer.

Apartments Milka offer domestic wine, wine produced on the farm Tošić, Vineyard Promina, Northern. Since the beginning of the nineteenth century family Tošić on this farm produces excellent wines. Tradition, culture, love of wine are our main motivation to this day.

wine and brandy

Wine and brandy

Come to Apartments Milka, and taste local wines and brandy. The smell and taste of wine surprises you over and over again.

Try one of our wines: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Debit, Maraština, Burnum.

Do not say it is scary, no matter what you eat and drink, but with anyone. So, gather a good company, supply the domestic wine and a good song. Fun is guaranteed!

Pair of instructions for tasting wines:
1.The visual identity
Pour wine into a glass and observe its behaviour. Pay special attention to the traces left on surface of wine glasses. It is also important that the wine was served in proper glass, depending on whether it is a white or red wine.

2. Spin the glass
Gentle movements mix the wine with air. You will immediately feel the special flavour. Wines with more alcohol will leave a bigger mark on the glass.

3. Smell
Put the glass to the nose. Then gently put the nose into the glass. In this way you will feel all the smells of wine. Do not rush.

4. Take a small sip (but do not swallow)
Use all receptor and before you swallow, leave wine on the tongue a few seconds.

5. Swallow
You will feel the wine is slightly run down my throat, leaving flavour and aroma in your mouth and nose.

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