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Excursions in Vodice end will definitely leave you breathless! Four national parks - Krka, Kornati, Plitvice Lakes, Paklenica, the largest lake in Croatia, with a number of bird species - Vrana, ancient city of Sibenik, the river Cetina, family estate Tosic and island Prvić are the places where you want to stay forever, or at least come back again and visit this beautiful city.

National Park Krka

National Park Krka is situated only 25km near Vodice. It is considered the pride of this beautiful region. It is characterized by clean river Krka which flows through a deep canyon which length is over 75km. Hitting the rocks, the river creates noisy waterfalls: Bilušića buk, Brljan, Miljacka, Manojlovački waterfall Roski, Rošnjak and Skradinski buk (highest waterfall drop of about 50 meters), which is also the largest travertine barrier in the European area. For river Krka it is important to mention the Franciscan monastery on Visovac (river island) and Krka Monastery. Visovac is located amid a widening of the river Krka. In the 15th century, the Franciscans settled in this area deals with various teachings and built a church. This national park is rich endemic flora and fauna and natural beauty for which it obtained its status as one of the most beautiful places in Croatia.

National Park Kornati

If you are coming to this area, a trip to the Kornati National Park, along with visit to National Park Krka is inevitable. It is located about 25km from the Vodice. It occupies an area of 220m2, which consists of 89 islands. It is interesting that over ¾ of the national park makes the archipelago. Kornati are considered the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean. Here you can find typical stone walls which were originaly built in this area. Wall was built from one side of the island to another. Height was determined to be exactly as the sheep, so ti can not jump and move to the other side (or on someone else's pasture), a width that it can not wind down. Some olive trees are enclosed by walls wide drywall, which is also an unexpected occurrence. Flora and fauna includes 537 species on the mainland and about 850 species of living organisms in the sea. It is believed that this area is under-explored, so visit it and explore it yourself!

Nature Park Vransko jezero (Vrana Lake)

20 km of town Vodice is another attraction, the largest lake in the entire country - the Vrana Lake Nature Park. Vrana Lake boasts 241 different species of birds. If you love sports, you'll be thrilled! The combination of pleasant and useful will lead to final perfection! Biking, fishing and sailing are just some of the sports that one can engage in during the trip to this beautiful lake. This lake is special because it cryptodepression of-4m, which means it is 4 meters below sea level. The reason for this is a stone field that is filled with water. A trip to the three mentioned areas is almost a necessary thing, because these are wonderful places close at hand during your holiday in Vodice.

City of Sibenik

Certainly, along with all these beautiful places, here belongs the old city - Sibenik. It is located only 11km from the Vodice. One could even say that the satellite town of Vodice this old town. Once Sibenik was surrounded by walls on the north and southeast (Today there are only parts of these walls). As soon as you enter the city, the central square, your view will catch a great Cathedral of St.. Jacob, specific to its structure, which is in stone. Essential part of this trip is a visit to the building of the town theater, which in the 19th century was the largest theatre hall in Croatia. There are also a number of fortresses such as Fort St. John, St Michael, St. Nicholas, Šubićevac, walls and towers, numerous churches and monasteries (the church of St. Barbara, St.. Dominika, Duh, St. Francis, St. John , St. Gregory, Sv.Krševana, St. Martin, Uspenie Bogomatere, Vanka Our Lady of the New Church).

National Park Paklenica

Paklenica National Park is situated at the foot of the Velebit Mountains, 90 km from Vodice. Considered by many the most hidden nature park, so not a lot of people visit it, but to say that there is nothing to see here in this beautiful natural splendor, would be a lie. Big stones and vegetation characterize this beautiful Croatian nature resort. It consists of Small and Large Paklenica, their canyons cut into the foot of Velebit. Trips to this park are particularly recommended to people with respiratory problems, asthma or any other similar diseases, because the air is so clean that reduces and treats all respiratory diseases! There are many hiking trails that pass in getting acquainted with the nature.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is considered the most beautiful Croatian park. Located 180 km from Vodice, and it consists of 16 lakes and numerous natural species (some not previously seen). The scene was incredible because the lakes transform from one to another, forming a complex rarely seen in the world (people compare the beauty of the Plitvice with Niagara Falls).

Rafting, island Prvić and Family estate Tosic

River Cetina is another wonderful experience, especially if you like white water rafting. Rafting on Cetina River is among the best in the country. Visit a typical Dalmatian island Prvić, arranged exactly as you envision the Dalmatian region. Once a place Šepurine counted more inhabitants than Vodice, but eventually people moved to land. Aside Šepurine, on this island there is also a Prvić Luka. For end of your trip, visit Tribunj, a fishing village on the west side of Vodice. About 17 o’clock every day, fish lovers are quick to rush in order to "catch" a piece of real fish. the end of the visit the farm Family Estate Tošić. Taste quality and aromatic wine. Relax with a mouthful of smoked ham and enjoy in magic of Dalmatian hinterland. Wine can also be bought when arriving in private accommodation in Vodice.

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