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In the last 10 years, Vodice have become one of the best places for nightlife in Croatia! Enjoy nighlife in club like Hacienda, Opium, Makina Exit and after beach party in Hookah bar. Each day, there are more and more places for entertainment in this cit! We will help you with some information about the nightclubs and bars. In Vodice, there are 3 well known nightclubs, Hacienda, Opium and Makina Exit. Others like Makina and Hookah bars are places where you can go during the day. Famous afterbeach parties are there every day from 17:00 to 21:00.


Hacienda is located two kilometers from the center of Vodice. It is the largest nightclub in area, widely known beyond the borders of Croatia (many consider Hacienda together with clubs like Kalypso, Papaya and Aquarius – which are located on island of Pag Zrče, the best in Croatia). It is one of the biggest clubs, it can accommodate over 2000 guests at once, which gives it a huge advantage over smaller clubs. It is one of a kind open-air club, with great atmosphere. You can look at the stars while dancing and having fun. The sound of clubbing music is crystal clear, club has great sound equipment and high quality custom wall intended made just for party. Along with lighting effects that give even greater fell for the house music, there is a large dance floor and top-charts DJs who will guarantee a great time at this excellent club. Hacienda has its own trademark – light cannon, which can serve as navigation if you accidentally do not know your way to the club. You can get to Hacienda by car or taxi which drives from city center. One ride is approximately 7 EUR (50kn, local currency).

Hookah bar

Hookah is the second most famous club (behind Hacienda) in Vodice. Hookah is formed of two luxury lounge bars. The first is on the Blue Beach (near Hotel Punta). It is a perfect place to prepare yourself for Hacienda, with a lounge atmosphere. If you want some privacy with your beloved, this is the perfect place for you.

Another, somewhat newer Hookah Bar, located on the beach below the Hangar Hotel Olympia (eastern part of the Vodice). The atmosphere in this bar is something hotter than that of the Blue Beach. Often there are guests and DJs, and a great place if you want to have fun on the beach! Hookah Bar is most famous for its wild after beach parties. Party begins at 17:00 and end at 21:00.

At both places you will definitely enjoy the music, sun, views and pleasant conversation with friends.


Opium is a nightclub located in the ACM marina, located in the center of Vodice. Initially it worked exclusively as a cocktail bar, but today it is a very good club that is definitely a must see! During the day this place is open and is operating as a cafe bar.

Makina Exit

Makina Exit is located next to Opium. Along with the Hacienda, it is the main place for nightlife. Every night is different, once famous DJs arrive, and sometimes national music stars sing, so that there is something for everyone. During the day, Makina is known bar where people can relax and tell stories over a drink, at least until the evening turns into a nightclub for every guest. This place is a good warm up for Hacienda or Opium.

Generally, nightlife in Vodice is very popular! During summer, there are a lot of events that attract many Croatian and foreign tourists. If you want to experience nightlife in Croatia and Vodice, regardless of age, this is the place to have fun! You will want to stay forever!

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