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In year 1402 it is the first written mention of Vodice, as Roman town called Arausa. The origin of the name comes from a water source. The entire region is rich with sources of drinking water. Throughout history, Vodice have suffered a lot of attacks, mainly against the Turks. In recent history, Vodice were border of battlefield during the Independece war in Croatia in early 90-ies.

Independece War

At the entrance of Vodice is a monument to the Croatian solider Ante Juričev Martinčev, called Boban. The story the about Vodice and Independece War is that it was Boban who stopped the penetration of JNA (Yugoslavian army) in Vodice in 1991. Before entering in Vodice, JNA formed a row of tanks aggressor. Boban himself stood out before JNA, high raised his fingers on both hands the letter "V" for victory and threatened to the enemy to go no further and to go back! JNA turned and left. Ante chased them away, although it was only him and few local people armed with hunting rifles and villas.

One of the main historical attractions in Vodice is the church of The Cross. The same church was built by Ivan Skok in the 18 century. The church is one of the main gathering place for locals. It hosts many events, shows, concerts and more.

Important events in history of Vodice

1891 - Vodice became independent. Separated from the municipality Tisno.
1885 - Construction of road Vodice - Mostine, Vodice - Tisno, and the road toward Zaton and Sibenik
1886 - Opening of Croatian Reading Room

Throughout the scriptures it was noted that in the 19 century in Vodice has a population of 1600 people, and early 20th century 2600 people. Also, there is the fact that in 1928. Vodice lived 3000 inhabitants.

Today Vodice has about 12,500 inhabitants out of the summer season. In the summertime, with all apartments in Vodice, it goes up to 30000 people.


Near Vodice, there is a small hill Okit. Altitude of 135m. On top of Okit is the church of Our Lady of Mount Caramel. On the road from the bottom of the hill to the church there are 14 Stations of the Cross leading to the top of Okit. During the celebration of Easter, Žudije follow Jesus on the cross road. During the Indepdence War in 1991 church was destroyed and damaged beyond recognition. In 1995 cornerstone was set for the renewal of the church. Many local families participated in the renovation of the church. Restoration of the church is not yet complete.

Coric tower

The tower was built in 1646 with stone from Brac. Originally conceived as a family mansion of a wealthy Sibenik family Fondre. It survived the attacks of the Turks, and is still in disrepair.

Church of St. Elijah the Prophet

The first mention of St. Elijah the Prophet is dating back to 1298. At that time church belonged to the parish Srima. Today it belongs to the parish of Vodice. Although the church is in disrepair, Mass is served once a year on 20 of August.

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