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The gastronomic offer of Croatian has always been very rich. From light, Mediterranean flavors, until a little heavier inland. Fish, meat, olive oil, white and red wine and homemade brandy are main specialties of Dalmatian cuisine.

food market Vodice

Food market Vodice

Early in the morning, be sure to visit the Vodice food market. This is a market where every day you have a choice of fresh fruit and vegetables and other foods. You will feel the symphony of flavor and fresh healthy food. Buy food for your lunch. Socialize with the locals, barging for their products. After shopping for groceris, local custom is to relax and drink coffee in one of the nearby cafes by the sea. Beautiful sunshine will fall upon you and you will feel the true Mediterranean atmosphere!

Olive oil and wine are typical products that are found in almost every Dalmatian food.

In the evening visit one of the restaurants in Vodice, where it offers plenty of food and beverages. Wide selection of fish and meat restaurants.

A typical fish menu:
For starters you should definitely try a cold salad of octopus and salted anchovies.
Fish soup as a warm appetizer. Grilled fish as a main dish. The best known varieties are the blacksmith, bream, sea bream and monkfish. As a side dish take the chard with potatoes or salad of fresh tomatoes. Put some olive oil on your fish and enjoy a taste of perfection. Reward yourself with glass of red or white wine.

grilled lamb

Grilled lamb

If you prefer a meat menu, you should start with smoked ham (cro. pršut) and cheese as a cold appetizer. Smoked ham form Drniš region is world's famous brand. Soup as a warm appetizer. For the main course, grilled lamb. Nowhere in the world, lamb is served in this way. Also, another specific method of cooking is baking lid. Our recommendation is to bake veal with potatoes. Enjoy a glass of red or white wine.

To sweeten the taste with homemade dessert fritters (cro. fritule) or a portion of fresh fruit. Typically fruit in Dalmatia are figs, peaches, apricots.

For a true culinary experience, visit one of the tavern owned by local families (cro. konoba). With live music and a cheerful atmosphere will feed both body and soul!

Couple of kilometers outside the city, in the Dalmatian hinterland, there are undiscovered gems of Croatian gastronomy. Go on a trip, visit the agricultural households and taste the local specialties.

wine merlot cabernet sauvignon Tosic

Wine and brandy

In the traditional ambience try the local wines and brandy. The most common varieties of red wines were merlot and cabernet sauvignon, a debit of white. Most poplar brandies are made of honey, cherry, grape. Taste the life of Dalmatian farm hands, experience life as it was before 100 or more years. There is a well known phrase that the Dalmatian hinterland is the new Toscana.

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