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The best way to escape the busy life and monotony from your city and your country is to take a holiday and rent apartment in Croatia. Nowadays numerous people choose to consult the tourism in Croatia, and why not, transform this beautiful country in their holiday destination. Even if it is a real vacation or just an imaginary trip it can help you get out from everyday stress.

Its capital is Zagreb and it has gained its independence in 1991; if everything is ok, it will be a member of the European Union in 2013. It is a magnificent place for vacationing because of its mountains, Adriatic Sea and its beautiful islands. The Renaissance towns can be a good place to visit if you are interested in cultural history.

One of the most interesting cities to visit in Croatia is Zagreb, its capital, which has medieval castles that are visited by thousands of the tourists annually. Tourism in Croatia can be a pleasant thing especially if you go at the seaside especially if you like to dive or to travel by yacht. One of the best places for its history is Istria; you can go here in Porec, Umag where byzantine art is more than present. However, the largest city in this area is the city Pula. Situated in the south of the Istrian peninsula, this is an appreciated city because of its well preserved nature and its temperate climate. There are lots of Roman buildings such as Arena, built by the Roman emperor Augustus.

Another beautiful city that must certainly be visited by every tourist who goes to Croatia is Vodice. It is 12 km away from Debenik, which is also a well-known place in Croatia. In the north of Vodice it is the Krka river and in south vest it is the island of Kornati, the most visited island in the area. Of course that Vodice is full of historical monuments too. Here you can see the Karmel church, the Coric gothic church and the Sf Illia Church.

Another good thing about Vodice is that you can easily find a place where you can stay. The best way is to rent an apartment in Vodice; by doing this, you will be able to visit the towns and the places near it. Nevertheless, to rent an apartment in Vodice it’s a real challenge if you do not book tickets some Time ahead; especially during the summer season, more and more tourist choose to rent an apartament in Vodice than stay at one of the hotels here.

The first holiday resort in Croatia is Opatija becoming quickly the most significant European health resort. But when it comes to architecture Croatia is very complex because of its nations near it, for example from Austria or Hungary, Karlovax and Varazdin. But its Roman sightseeing is still present.

However, before getting all this information about places to visit and things to do it is preferable to know when the best time to travel here is. Late spring and early autumn seems to be the best choices, but summer can be the perfect season as long as there is an air conditioning system installed. Of course that for the ones who love the cold season, that can be their final decision; my no means, in Croatia there are possibilities for all tastes and preferences.

Croatia is not a country to visit once. You have to visit it as much as you can with patience, no place must be missed because you would regret it afterwards. For the ones who can’t get enough of primitive places the best place to go is in Korcula town with its clay houses that surrounds the sea. If you are looking forward fishing or just eating fish ,Rovinj is the place you should visit. But let us not forget about romances and love, Plitvice Lakes National Park is surrounded by lakes and waterfalls, perfect for lovers. As you can see, tourism in Croatia has it all. Enjoy your vacation!

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